Saturday, March 31, 2012

dining randomly @ 鈴木珈啡館 Suzuki

Usually I know what I want to eat, however today was clueless, so randomly walked into to this place.

Even with the menu, I was clueless on what to choose, mainly because the dishes were Hong Kong style Japanese food. The sickly rice pots, and overly creamy pastas. I got my inspiration my from a pair of Westerners and got the set with Ribs, the other with chicken in Sake.

The table was too small, so the set that was served in a box, had to be taken away, and the little dishes placed on the table.
For the starters, the salad comprised of rocket lettuce, red lettuce and Japanese vinegar sauce. The scallop and asparagus was tasteless, but tasted ok after dipping it in vinegar. The prawn and pork dumplings also tasted good.

The spinach and baby scallop soup was quite good too, there were about 4 scallops in the soup.

The mains were not as good as starters, the ribs were a bit dry, and the chicken was just boiled frozen chicken thigh with fat chicken skin.

Finally the honey jelly was very good, light and refreshing.
The only disappointment was the cruise liner blocking the sea view.

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