Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sago with ice-cream and grass jelly @ 金滿堂甜品 Golden Hall Dessert

Ordered the sago with ice-cream and grass jelly, reasonable portion size and only cost $10.
Then got the snowflake ice with Italian grass jelly and mini glutinous dumplings that cost $13.
So for two reasonable desserts it cost $23 altogether!! Usually for $20 you can only get a basic dessert, the only thing is you can only eat at the stand tables or take away.

Dessert wise, the sago tasted ok, the snowflake one, I chose the Italian grass jelly to go with it so I could compare it to the one at chung’s dessert (po lam one).
Although I only chose two toppings to go with the snowflake ice, they gave other items with it such as red beans for free which I was not appreciative of, I hate red beans!! That is why I don’t go to the traditional dessert houses such as moon gay or Big 8. I would also given the normal grass jelly too, which was good, so I could taste the difference between their Italian one and the cube ones.
The snowflake ice only had three flavours tofu, chocolate and mango, the chocolate was a bit bitter.

Basically I felt, some of the desserts were copied from other places such as the Italian grass jelly with ginger sauce from chung’s in po lam, and the glutinous rice balls with maltesers also copied from cousins “bew jeah dessert”

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