Saturday, March 31, 2012

pan fried dover sole with Maggie sauce @ 撈麵王

I first noticed this shop when I saw their shop name meaning King of noodles in sauce, so got a leaflet but was not tempted to pay a visit, because the noodles are just the same ones and choice from other noodle joints, and the topping are also the same such as beef brisket, pork liver, chicken wings, fish balls, ham etc, nothing special which I hadn’t tried before.

The appearance of the shop is not attractive at all, but the staff looked a bit out of place, prettier and neater than the shop, in fact I felt they looked a bit like office people, the one that takes the order.
The shop is very small, and it was quite cute there was one table behind the counter, with only one customer eating inside!
There were also some interesting bottled sauces on the table, but couldnt see what they were, but not the commen ones.

I ordered the pan fried dover sole with Maggie sauce, it literally is what it is, pieces of dover sole and a separate bag of Maggie sauce. A bit different to what I thought it was, especially when you compare it to the Maggie steak at Sun Chu Koon.

The portion of fish was big, more than the portion of rice, I think the fish portion was one whole doversole in the box. The rice was a little too hard, and the fish was too soft from the marinade. Although it was frozen fish, but acceptable to have it once in a while.

The meal also came with a drink, a bonus to the locals as they have bottled soy milk and Common selfheal fruit spike.

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