Saturday, March 31, 2012

Young coconut with cherry, and coconut sorbet @ Dessert revolution

Came here for a second visit, their hygiene has improved and no flies flying about.

However their menu is now limited, so many choices unavailable with a white label covering them.

This time I had the Young coconut with cherry, and coconut sorbet.

The young coconut tasted good this time, as I asked for less coconut milk. (no photo)

For the coconut sorbet, I was expecting a slightly tangy taste because sorbet is meant to be sour.
The texture of the sorbet wasn’t that icy, but very fluffy, it was very light that it melts in your mouth.
The taste is slightly sweet, I felt it was just coconut meat grounded finely with frozen coconut milk.

I have blended fresh coconut meat and milk before and it tastes just like that, but in frozen fluffy form.

I really wanted to try the blueberry with coconut jelly but was told it would be available in November, so hopefully if I go now, it would be available, as I had this in late October.

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