Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega burger which is not mega @ KFC

Just felt like having KFC, so got the new Mega burger, the one with chicken, egg salad, bacon and a choice of sauce.

Got two sets, one with criss cut fries, egg tart, chicken hot shots, picnic bite sized bar, chicken wings and drink.
Ordered two Mega burgers one with barbeque sauce and one with Tangy cheese sauce.

The chicken in the burger was not that dry, still soft and tender, the complaint being it was warm, not hot at all, so it had probably been cooked for a while.
Also from their promotional pictures, there is lots of sauce, but in the real thing there was only one tiny splodge in the centre same with the egg salad. The chicken was only half the size of the bun.

Their hygiene should also be improved, because the table cloth they used to wipe the table was smelly, which really puts you off.

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