Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beef kofte @ Istanbul express

This was my regular lunching place a while ago, I would come here twice a week, but after it has been refurbished, I felt the food quantity has gone down, the portions are so small, small enough for people on diet.

The set included drink and soup, and now it only has a drink with it.
Also beef kofte, there used to be five in a plate, but now only four pieces.
The rice was not as good as before, it used to have nuts in it.

However the speed has sped up, used to wait ages for the food to arrive, now it is slightly more organized, before the meats are cooked, all the plates have been laid out with the sides and rice, then when the meat arrives, its ready to serve.
The waitors are also very efficient making sure you have the sauces and clearing the table when you have finished, so you can leave soon after the meal has finished.

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