Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amazingly thinly sliced toast with kaya @ Katong

I have tried almost everything at Katong, apart from the Pork rib tea, so tried it at last.

The other places I tried the pork rib tea were:
Yeoh's Bah Kut Teh
Malaysia Port Klang

Yeoh’s and Malaysia Port Klang basically taste the same because it is opened by the same owner.
Their tea is strong in shiitake mushroom taste and sweet too.
Sabah however is strong with herb taste, especially the dong-gwai, the ribs are whole long ribs with lots of meat.
Katong is similar, not the greasy, but the quality of the pork isnt that good.

Also tried the Kaya toast, was amazed how thin the toast was, the thickness of the two pieces of toasts sandwiched together is the thickness of one thin toast. Each slice was about 4mm thick, which was good, because there was lots of runny Kaya in it, ready to drip out!
The taste was sweet and creamy.

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