Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sambal okra @ Satay Inn

Actually this should be part 15, however I didnt label the reviews after part 5,
so all the singmalay series have been listed below.

Came here and ordered the Hainan chicken with rice, Laksa, and Okra in sambal coconut sauce.

The Hainan chicken was the most expensive, and when i mention the price in my reviews I do mean expensive!!!
$80 for a few pieces of chicken, rice, sauces and soup, the sauces were slightly different than the other places, the soy sauce was thick and carried that bitterness to it, the grounded ginger was green, and the rice was quite hard.
The flavoured rice tasted like the paste I got at the Food expo to make the Hainan rice.

The Laksa priced at $65 was the average Laksa price in HK, however it lacked cockles and the big prawns. It was rather oily and very strong in coconut milk base.

Sambal Okra:This was rather nice, the sauce was sweet with coconut. I would of preferred the okra to have been cut in half to soak up more sauce.

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