Saturday, March 31, 2012

Noodle Factory that only produces UDON!! @ 赤丸製麵所 Akamaru Noodles Factory

A little joint in Polam that serves Japanese food, a bit similar to Ajisen, however the choices are so limited.
Being a noodle factory I was expecting more choices on noodles, but they only offer Udon.
The menu itself dosnt offer much either, I felt it was Chinese cuisine trying to imitate Japanese food.

Ordered two sets, a rice and a noodle, the rice was thinly sliced pork with Japanese bbq sauce. The rice was a bit weird, it had ketchup on it.
The noodles in herb soup had no herb taste at all, the only thing that tasted right was the grilled prawns.
The noodles was the most expensive set, but I didnt feel it was worth being the most expensive, the octopuses were frozen ones.

The snacks that came with it were chicken nuggets and seaweed with octopus in sesame sauce. The seaweed and octopus is just like the starters from genki sushi.
The chicken nuggets didnt taste right as the oil was so old.

The only thing I liked was the condiments, green tea salt, curry salt which served on the food in some places but not placed on the tables for the customers to freely use.
However there is not much range on the menu that needs these salts, they taste better on sushi's.

The drink was quite obviously chinese, Longuan and Jujube.

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