Saturday, March 31, 2012

A restaurant that resembles china town @ 悅香飯店 Yuet Heung Restaurant

The interior was very 1980’s style, even the waitors clothing and style.
The menu wasn’t very helpful either, just plain chinese text, and no pictures at all.

Felt like being in the restaurants in china town!

Ordered the signature chicken and the vegetarian pot with ducks feet.

The chicken was ok, the sauce was the best, however the chicken was slightly tough.
The vegetarian pot tasted better, it had baby sweet corns, black fungus, ducks feet, black mosses, all a good mix.

The most interesting thing was the bill!! It looked very complicated, hand written, like those you see in the movies. It had weird columns, anyway to make it simple, one of those old receipts in Hong Kong years and years ago!!

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