Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yummy pancakes @ spaghetti house

Spaghetti house is not my usual pick for pasta and pizza, because their branches and locations is a bit off radar.

Anyway, went to this one which is located right in front of a bus stop with long queues of people waiting for the bus, so you need to get past the people to enter the door.

I ordered the afternoon tea set, but couldn’t find the apple pie advertised prominently on their tea set menu cover, only available a la carte. I supposed it would be cheaper to just order the a la carte since I didn’t like the drinks.

Ordered the Squid ink rice with pork chops and apple, and the pancakes with peach and syrup.

The squid ink rice was very good, each grain of rice was distinct, and similar to the Japanese pearl rice, there was bits of fruit on top too, and melted processed cheese.

The pancakes were perfect too, haven’t had a decent pancake for along time, especially the Jif lemon ones, everything was the right sweetness too.

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