Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dinguan @ Quezon

I thought MangAbos was good, this one is even better, the dishes taste so much more fresh, especially the meats.
The food smells edible and not foul at all!

Although they just reheat the stuff via the microwave, but a nice little store with their own lunch box packaging too!!

The portion however is rather small, but i think the deliciousness factor is more important.

Got the pork in pigs blood, and chicken leg.
The rice was piping hot and not the pearl rice used in MB, and the dishes are not as oily as MB, last time I went there was like a spoon of oil in it.
The pork in blood was a lovely rich thick gravy, with bits of pork, intestines etc.

The chicken was a bit like tomato chicken, but with a hint of tamirand sauce.

As for the service, they werent expecting non-philipino customers, so they are were a bit shocked at first to serve!!

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