Saturday, March 31, 2012

Deafened by the screeching sound @ 蛇王燊

Never noticed this little snake joint, despite walking past it every day!!!

Only tried because I saw a picture of the snake soup, just plain broth with no residue or meat strands.

Sat down, and ordered, came almost imediately, however my ears were in such distress with the screams of the kid sitting on the opposite table, and the screeching noise from the tin drawer! OUCH!!!

The soup was piping hot, so a bit hard to taste the full taste, but went back next day for lunch and got a takeaway, ordered the set with snake soup, thick snake soup and snakes belly with fish maw.

The takeout was good, firstly the temperature was not as hot as in the shop, and the rice and meat have been placed in the lunch box without needing to spoon it out.
The meat was descaled nicely with skin attached, the meat in main dish reminded me of fried dace, the texture and taste, the stickyness from the fish maw reminded me of eating ducks feet. The snakes meat had an interesting fiery tinge to it, almost like pepper but slightly spicier than that. A good mix of fruit peel in it too.

As for the thick snake soup, it contained lots of snake meat, basically tastes as good as the fake sharks fin soup but better, because the pork isnt fresh in the sharks fin soup.

mind the screeching noise!!!!!!!!!!!
mind the screeching noise!!!!!!!!!!!

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