Saturday, March 31, 2012

Impressive fried chicken @ Cheese Pizza

I love fried chicken, and the fried chicken here is just right, with KFC, you have to go there at the right moment, ie when it is just done, too late and the chicken is too dry.

It is very impressive, there is a range of bottles of ketchup, salt and pepper to enhance your meal. Apart from that, there are plates, knives and forks, disposable gloves to let you eat at ease.

Originally I wanted the set meal with pizza, chicken, potato wedges, calami rings, but then when I ordered, I found out it was selected pizzas only. Then menu is rather confusing and the staff are a bit unresponsive. Anyway I sat down again and looked at the menu and went for the other set with 3 pieces of chicken, choice of SMALL snack (potato wedges), 2 drinks, 6" pizza.

The potato wedges were the first to arrive, it was a very small portion, so assuming it was SMALL snack as stated, hence the quality was small, but then they took away the plate and gave us a bigger portion.
Anyway the wedges here taste great, exactly the same taste as McDonalds.
The chicken was crispy and juicy. The Mexican pizza wasnt as good as I expected, I was expecting kidney beans, rather than pepparoni and chili oil. Although it did taste ok, it could have been better. The pizza base is the same as the deep pan at pizza hut, and the base is crispy like if it was pan-fried like the Shanghai Sang jin bau's.

The selection of drinks are also quite extensive, but due to costing, they have stocked the Pepsi line's Miranda drinks and the china's Crystal springs 碧泉 (strong in TIN taste), there was also Taoti canned drinks, but maybe made in China, as there was a strong Tin Taste.
However for the Miranda selection, the apple one is a safe one to choose, because it is American version with a cider taste, the citrus versions is an Eastern adaptation of Miranda for Asian tastes.

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