Saturday, March 31, 2012

Restaurant name that dosnt match @ 簡單廚房 Match Too Cafe

I have heard many people mentioning this restaurant, however I didnt know it was this one, the chinese name merely means Simple kitchen, so I was expecting a chinese place. The English name however is trendier.
This restaurant is owned by the famous chinese actress: Kwok sau wan.

Personally I really didnt expect the food to be good, just Chinese style cooked Japanese and Italian food. Basically the pasta's and risotto's and the whole style is similar to Pokka Cafe.

The soups were the usual vegetable soup and the Cream soup was the one that tasted the better of the two, it was basically potato soup. Not the fake cream mixed with starchy flour.

The food here is slightly different to the one at MK.

Ordered the set dinner consisting of pasta and scallops in tomato sauce, and beef steak risotto.
The tomato sauce for the pasta was slightly too sour, and the pan-fried scallops were a bit too salty and over grilled.
As for the risotto, it had a slight truffle taste, not the real truffle, but truffle essense as used in Fairwood's truffle scrambled eggs.
Although the risotto wasnt that good, the steak was tender and grilled well.

I liked the desserts, they reminded me of that 中意仿 at Sai Wan ho

However I still havent been there yet, because food is just simple chinese dishes, which doesnt match the elegant desserts.

Ordered tofu cheesecake, white wine jelly, passionfruit alaska, and blackforest chocolate
The tofu cheesecake was nice and simple, not much tofu taste but a light starter to the desserts. White wine jelly was rather hard, with lots of fruit in it. The Passion fruit alaska was quite strong with meringe on top, and finally the blackforest mousse was ok, but the jelly in it was blackcurrent rather than cherry.

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