Saturday, March 31, 2012

Service Madly Lousy = SML

Apart from the Quarry Bay MiscoCool, this is the second restaurant featuring communal tables but in larger lounge.

The whole concept is fresh, and vibrant, nice for the young chics and boys to show their pride in a lively lounge. It also reminds me of school dinner days too, a rejuvenation of youth, relive the young days again, sitting amongst other hip and cool people.

If you do not fancy being on display, I guess it needs time getting used to, like California fitness gym for a specific part of the target market.

Anyway, sat down in the middle of a large bench table, people started filling beside us, but there was no one sitting on our left hand sides, so we placed our bags there. We were ushered to place the bag on one side, then a while later, the waiters from the opposite side ushered us to place the bags on the other side, playing shuffling bags here if u've played shuffling chairs!!

Food ordered:

Chicken Confit & Foie Gras with Truffle SaladBasically two pieces of sliced baguette served with salad and a pot with shredded chicken, bits of foie gras topped with poppy seeds. The chicken was not dry or chewy, and the bits of silky foie gras buttered the chicken, but there was not that much of foie gras. I thought it should have been layered chicken, then foie gras then the poppy seeds.

Prawn Toast with truffleSame comment as Babedolphin, no taste in truffle, overly greasy, I suppose the bitterness of the alcohol sauce took away that greasy taste.
Honestly I have had better prawn toasts at Takeaways in UK.

Octopus salad in olive oilThis was a very good mixed of diced yellow peppers, leaves, onions and the octopus, the octopus was chopped tentacles which were very big in diameter, I thought the octopus would be chewy, but it wasn’t at all. There was also some sort of jelly that had formed on the octopus, so it is probably the tinned version.

Lamb kebabThis was a huge stick of minced Lamb on a stick, I tried it with the olive oil from the salad, it was quite nice, and the lamb was strongly covered in Cajun powder. The yoghurt sauce that came with it was lovely, pure sour yoghurt.

Mushroom risottoThis had a very strong smell, but not that strong when I ate it, the texture of the rice was a bit hard, like red grain rice.

I was contemplated to order the Hangar steak and chips, but then I decided to order two desserts, which finished the meal quite elegantly! I wanted Gnocci too, but it wasn’t listed on the menu anymore!!

Pot of chocolate w/chocolate mousse & fudgeThis was yummy chocolate mousse with bits of chocolate cake covered with white cream and topped with two pieces of fudge.

Lime cream w/vanilla pineapple & coconut jellyThere were bits of coconut jelly with cutely diced pineapple pieces, layered with lime cream at the bottom, refreshingly delicious, leaving you with a slight hungriness that you will be back for more next time.

Lastly, we tried to paid for the bill, but one of the dreaming waiters either forgot to print out the bill or there was something wrong with the order, so had to ask another waiter got it for us.

Price wise, I think it’s quite reasonable for around $300 considering we ordered food with truffles, foie gras. I think for a good meal, its best to pick out the fine stuff rather than the stuff you can get anywhere, or it just defeats the purpose.

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