Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pork with squid ink @ Mang Ambos

Finally found a quiet time to try this place, Filipino food is rather new to me, the last time I tried it was at Jolibee but that is commercialized Filipino food. I tried the pork with pork blood gravy, pork with squid and this vegetable dish.

The pork with blood gravy was rather smelly at first, but the gravy was nice, with little curds of blood in it, some of the pork was soft, some was dry.
The vegetable dish looked strong in taste from its sauce and colour, but it was quite gentle, there was dab of some red stuff, which turned out to be salty garlic and dried shrimp, probably to give the vegetables some flavour.

Overall, the food was Ok, felt a bit like school, served in those trays.

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