Saturday, March 31, 2012

Its fusion not western breakfast @ Cafe De Coral

I never have any expectations for Café de coral, their interior and logo is 1960s and glum, and their menu is super confusing too!

I only paid it a visit because I wanted to try the Hokkaido egg breakfast, the set includes a fish fillet, choice of toast or chinese carrot cake and freshly brewed coffee.

The other breakfast set with the fish was supposed to look western, but I thought it was chinese, especially the luncheon meat and carrot cake, very chinesy indeed, it’s a bit hard to find Luncheon meat for breakfast in Europe.

The sauce that came was the fish was totally Chinesey too, it was tartar sauce, but the base of the sauce was sweet, even McDonalds tartar sauce is more authentic.
The fish tasted nice on its own without the sauce.
The egg with hokkaido milk just had an extra butterness and milk aroma to it.

The congee was ok, the oysters could be tasted, however the pork was not fresh, so it ruins the taste of the congee.

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