Saturday, March 31, 2012

SICILIAN CASSATA Nougat like ice-cream @ il bel paese

Last time I wrote a review, it got approved but not classified as a food review.

This time I came and tried the SICILIAN CASSATA, although it is not the authentic version as Babedolphin saids, I quited liked it, I have not tried the real thing hence I can't compare it to anything,

I felt there was a name confusion, the wrapper saids Bindi (reminds me of okra and the indian Bindi dish, probably Bindi is the makers of the dessert).

Unwrapping the dessert reminded me of unwrapping butter, wrapped in tracing paper.

The dessert was distinctly sliced with a layer of yellow, brown, and the centre looking like tutti fruitti nougat. The whole thing tasted quite good, not two sweet, also the bitterness of the chocolate balanaced out the sweetness. If the orange peel was replaced with bits of orange I thought it would have tasted better.

The edge of the ice-cream was like dehydrated ice-cream, hard and chewy.

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