Saturday, March 31, 2012

Noodles @ 八記粉麵專家

Due to the TKO signal failure I was forced to change my travelling plans, so stopped over at Kwun tong for food!

Didn’t feel like going to APM, so went out to the streets and found an alley way with lots of noodle shops, selected this one purely by random, sat down scanning the table for a menu, realised their wasn’t a menu, damm. Then realised it was written on the wall.

The whole situation reminded me of my holidays coming to HK, clueless and lost, as not knowing what and what there was to order, also friggin hot!
There were no pictures either, how helpful!

Ordered pork balls and cuttlefish balls with noodles, and wontons with noodles.

There was nothing special about the cuttlefish balls or pork balls, but the wontons were interesting, when you bite it in half you can see bits of brown stuff in it, my initial guess was grounded wheat, then I saw dark brown sesame seeds in it, so maybe they could have been grounded fried sesame seeds.

Also the whole experience eating there was a slight nuisance, I must have problems with the use of chopsticks, the wontons were firm and hards and perfectly round which made it hard to pick up with chopsticks, also the soup was VERY HOT, so I was fuming!

I gave up using the friggin chopsticks, so I used a toothpick to pick the wontons.

The table sauces were interesting too, I have never seen them at the supermarket, Lychee vinegar! I couldn’t taste any lychee, but tasted refreshingly appetising.

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