Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beef rendang @ Katong

After trying numerous Singapore cuisines in HK, this is the best so far.

I used to get Laksa from here nearly thrice a week, but once the Laksa was super spicy, so I got deterred from it.

I decided to give it another go, and the Laksa was back to normal, not that spicy.

Ordered Laksa with beef Rendang, the Laksa tasted as good as usual, and the beef rendang was authentic according to my SG friend.

The drinks were perfect too, the barley water was not too sweet, and had a hint of pandan, the texture of the barley water was slightly thick.
The lime soda was literally lime + soda, a can soda with wedges of lime which tasted quite refreshing.

Finally the dessert was mango coconut sago, and as a Anti-Asian dessert person, I really liked it, it was pieces of mango on top of Coconut paste and sago, which is much more natural than mango pudding. The coconut paste was real coconut instead of the processed coconut cream which is a bit fake, and the syrup on top made the whole thing sweet naturally rather than pre-mixed.

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