Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cherry mania @ Selected a good time to visit this place, didnt have to queue up.

Selected a good time to visit this place, didnt have to queue up.

I liked the way the desserts were served, they came in separate dishes on the plate.

Ordered the pancakes with ice-cream and cherries, coconut jelly with cherries, and fried hazelnut with cheese.
Pancakes with ice-cream and cherries: basically it was layered pancakes with cream in between it, the pancakes tasted how it should, the cherries may have been soaked with alcohol, as there was a slight taste of it.

Young Coconut jelly with cherries: the coconut milk was slightly sickly and sweet, i would of liked the dessert plainly with the coconut jelly and cherries. Maybe I will request without the coconut milk next time. Also the the name on the menu saids white peach, I couldnt taste much of it, but it tastes good like that without the white peach.

Fried cheese with hazelnuts: I really liked the neatly wrapped pocket with Mascarpone and hazelnut, the oil used was still fresh, and the pastry was slightly crunchy and chewy, and when you pierce a hole in the pastry, the air will come out and the pocket deflates!! The pastry was a bit like thick fried filo pastry.
At first i couldnt taste the hazelnut, but then i could tastes bits of it, also they were fresh hazenuts pieces, i could taste the membrane lining of the hazelnut.

I also wanted to try the blueberry coconut jelly offered to VIP's, hmm how do i become a VIP???tongue
Anyway next time I want to try the coconut sorbet which i was told wasnt sour, but arnt sorbets meant to be sour?? I also want to try the baked chocolate with cherry filling, and the baked filo with banana and chestnut!!

The revolution continues, until my next visit!! This world is also a small place, coincidently a patron that sat on the table next to me was on the same MTR as me on the journey to Mong Kok.

Improvements: a little pest control needed, so many insects flying about and dead insects on the seat.

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