Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scrambled eggs with truffle @ Fairwood

Made an effort to get up for breakfast, luckily the truffle and egg has been a popular pick for the locals, so it has been on the Ala Carte for a while.

I really did not expect anything for the truffle to taste like the real thing, but just wanted to give it a try. The real truffle is very expensive, so I do not expect Fairwood to offer the expensive stuff, same as Pizzahut, so it seems there is a low grade version or truffle essence or oil is used for the cheaper end of the market.

Anyway, ordered the set with chicken steak and gravy, toast and freshly grounded coffee.
The coffee had lovely white froth covering it. I do not drink coffee, but that coffee was good, no sour taste to it, and the milk was just right. The chicken was also good, the skin was crispy.
Then the egg was just scrambled with finely chopped mushrooms on the top mimicking the truffle, with truffle oil on top.
For people who have not experienced truffle before, there is a slight hint of truffle to it, but for experienced trufflers, it is not that pungent.

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