Saturday, March 31, 2012

Set Tapas @ UNOMAS

Finally came here for lunch, this is probably my first time having real Spanish food, the ones I have had before are the fake ones.
I liked the lunch style, you can choose a 3 set Tapa from the Tapa list of 15, 14 for food and one for dessert. For two people, we chose 6 Tapa’s.

The restaurant was spacious yet cramped, there were tables spread across the room, however the table for two we had was quite small, not designed for Spanish Tapa’s, you could have at most 3 Tapa’s on the table. I had trouble getting to my cramped my seat, and I am a thin!

The service was a bit cold, could have been better. Not sure if tap water was free, but other tables were given it. Also coffee/tea was included in the set, but they didn’t remind us, and we felt they had different attitudes to causcasians and asians.


Ensalada de lentejas con jamon:
Brown lental salad with ham, red onion, tomato, olive oil and vinegar, a nice tangy starter.

Chipirones al ajillo: baby squids with garlic and parsley:
this was the best, the squids were fat and soft with generous sauce.
Croquetas de Jamon:
almond crusted chicken and ham croquettes, could see or taste the almond crust, infact it was just plain crumbs with smooth sily potato inside.
Croqutas de Arroz:
Saffron rice and manchego fritters, This one I could taste and see the almond pieces as the coating, inside was rice, and moist too, the sauce tasted like pumpkin sauce.
Tortilla con chorizo Potato tortilla with spicy chorizo and paprika:
this was just like an omelette, very buttery.
Cordero al vinto tinto: lamb in chorizo in red wine sauce: it tasted more like beef.

Dessert: Orange and almond cake with syrup.

Overall the food was ok, the service and attitude was not!

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