Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cookie crust egg tart @ Tai Cheong

Saw the new honey green tea ad for $5 so went in and grabbed a bottle, then these fresh egg tarts came out of the oven, so I asked what pastry it was assuming it was the short crust of flaky pastry, but they said it was the cookie one.

So got one to try, also on promotion at 3.8 dollars each.

I drank the drink first, the egg tarts were piping hot, and you cant really taste anything when it is hot.
The green tea tastes a bit like the honey green tea by Tao Ti but tastes stronger of Cane sugar, hence doesn’t really taste of honey.

As for the egg tart, the pastry is a bit strong in butter, and not that cookie like, but different to shortcrust, it is harder and brittle, a bit like wheat crunch.

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