Saturday, March 31, 2012

Juicy Lamb Burger @ hot dog stage

This is quite a good joint for burgers and hotdogs, the staff speak English too.
The hard back menu is quite nice too.

The menu variety is good, but they ran out of leaflets when I got there, so took a picture instead.
I ordered a lamb burger, as not many places serve them. The burger was wrapped nicely and had their sticker stuck on the wrapping, the outer paper brown bag made it authentic US burger style too.

The lamb burger was on a bed of Rocket lettuce, which I was impressed, not the plain ice-berg type, although it is bitter, the rocket lettuce matches the price of the burger. It was neatly topped with mint sauce and tomato.

According to the menu, only 20 lamb burgers are served a day.

I can’t wait to try their hotdogs.

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