Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food chemistry with test tubes @ 戶井北海道米比薩

Since it opened, its menu has not really appealed to me, the only thing that was worth me trying is the test tube drinks.

Ordered the bloody orange test tube, ice cream with sweet potato and custard sauce, and the banana tempura ice cream.

The orange drink was rather nice and sour, not artificial in taste at all, however the desserts were a bit over priced, especially the ice-cream with sweet potato, the ice-cream is just the same as McDonalds, in fact any ice-cream from those machines, you would expect that McDonalds taste.
The sweet potato beneath the ice cream was the only star of the dessert.

As for the banana tempura, that was even more disappointing, only the banana tempura was good, the rest was a bit simple, you might as just buy those relevant ice creams and scoop them yourself and cut pieces of fruit to put on it. The melon didn’t match that well with the ice cream, melon is always quite savoury, same as the watermelon, it is a bit too juicy to match well with ice cream.

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