Saturday, March 31, 2012

Located in the wrong place with wrong people @ fishing village

From the shop interior, logo and menu design it seems the company is set out to be sucessful, they even have a good website too, with menu, prices and highlight.

As you enter the shop, its too good to be true in an isolated part of town, the tables look good, but as you walk to the far end of the restaurant it starts getting smelly and dirty, even the seat had sauce on it. We were also sitting right next to the kitchen, so I will not order chicken from them, especially when it is at ground level!!!

The variety on the menu was quite good, from noodles, crystal noodles, steamed fishes, steamed rices, and even dim sum.

I probably made the wrong choice today, nothing tasted right, the Laksa instant noodles with soft pork bone didnt have any laksa taste, the pork bone was tasteless. As for the curry, it was so bad, i could have cooked it, it was translucent and watery. The curry is meant to be Hoi Nam style, but plain crap.

Anyway just felt that its a weird place to open a restaurant here, and the staff are probably locals.
Next time I will probably try the steamed fishes and sit as far away from the smelly kitchen as possible!
Avoid chicken!! on the floor
Avoid chicken!! on the floor

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