Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beef offal @ 十三座牛雜

I have always wanted to try this little joint in Wanchai, the Wanchai branched is fairly clean, and the sticks of organs are laid out nicely, however I still hesitated until this indoor branch opened in a food court.

I like the presentation in that the pieces are placed in a little bowl rather on sticks, much easier to eat without sauce dripping all over the place.

It also feels cleaner in the sense they don’t place it on that communal plate where everyone uses it as a place to put all their sauces on. Others may prefer it like this, because a mix of sauces would be tastier.

I was also able to taste the sauce too with other sauces interfering, with notes of various organs and the spices.

As I haven’t tried beef organs, apart from that carpet looking thing in my noodle the other day, I had one of each, intestines, lungs, stomach, etc.
They all tasted relatively the same, as they were all marinated with that sauce, however the textures were slightly different.

One of them was grainy, the lung was smooth and the texture was like eating blood curds, and the carpet was the same as I described it last time.
The intestines I refused to eat because I feel its just the same as eating faeces!! Well it holds faeces anyway!

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