Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Iron buddha tea softserve at 天仁喫茶趣

Saw photos of the iron buddha softserve which is only available at the MaOnShan branch.

The English and Chinese seem to contradict because in Chinese it says Iron buddha but in English it says Iron Buddha oolong.

I would have tried The chocolate room too which was nearby but they didn't have the sweet purple potato softserve that day.
Iron buddha tea softserve:

The softserve cost $20 and it was huge but unfortunately the taste was not that good.
It was powdery and bitter lacking fragrant aroma that iron buddha should have.
The softserve was too icy for my liking but if they made iron buddha ice lollies or sorbets without the milk, I think it would taste great because who puts milk with Chinese tea!
The bill: $20

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