Monday, May 18, 2015

Chaoshan delights at 心夜來潮

It just so happens that two Chaoshan eateries have opened around the same time and I was planning to go there for the vegetable tea.
I ended up going to this after trying 粿煞好味.

Got there too early and they were not open yet but according to Openrice their opening hours are from 11am to 3am so I didn't expect them to be closed around 6pm.
Vegetable tea:

Previously tried a failed version at Tea academics which was sweet.
The vegetable tea here was really nice and wholesome with finely chopped snow peas, vegetables, Chinese sausages, puffed rice, peanuts and glass vermicelli.
I really enjoyed it because it reminded of me minestrone but in Chinese form!
Compared to 粿煞好味, it tasted lighter and less oily with a strong vegetable taste.
Salted crab and urchin with rice:

It was meant to be salted oysters, salted crab and salted urchin but they ran out of oysters so they gave me extra urchin instead.
It was really salty so you only need a tiny bit to go with rice.
The urchin had a creamy bitter taste which was quite nice but the piece of crab was too tiny to get anything out of it.
Little rice dumplings:

I found the pastry too thick and the meat inside was a bit gritty.
Shop A,G/F, Skyline Tower, 18 Tong Mi Road, Mong Kok

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