Monday, May 25, 2015

Cheap and filling

Discovered this place because it was surrounded by so many Asians.

You could see the menu clearly from across the road, there were samosas, aloo tikka, samosa chats for $20!

I got the aloo tikki for $20 and when they gave it to my, I was shocked how heavy the bag was, when I opened it, the size of these aloo tikkis were the same as donuts.

They were a bit too spicy but they were really delicious because it was made with heavy mashed silky potatoes and peas in a crispy grounded maize coating.

I was given two sachets of sauce with one but the aloo tikki were tasty and didn't need it.

They had momos as well but it was hard to eat them standing up so I didn't get them.
The bill: $20
Service: OK
Yummy factor: YUMMY
Spiciness levels: Very spicy!
Portion sizes: bIG
English Menu: Yes

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