Saturday, May 30, 2015

Korean fried chicken at Chibee

I don’t normally eat Korean food because the localized Korean food has turned me against it as every dish is just sweet and spicy.
Before Korean drama got popular, there were less choices but they were authentic.
Now there are so many Korean places about that range from Korean grills, rice bowls, rolls to desserts.
They used to be congregated in TST but now there are more on the Hong Kong side.
Chibee is located in Causeway Bay, which is great news for people on the Hong Kong side.

I love fried chicken so it is good that there are more options apart from KFC.
Korean fried chicken is slightly different, it is best paired with beer and it typically comes with salad and pickles.
The typical portion is a basket of half a chicken which has a chicken leg, breast and chicken wings.

The staff spoke English which was great because I could ask them about the different fried chickens they serve.

As I can’t eat Kimchi they had non spicy options as well.
The regular fried chicken comes with a side of yoghurt sauce so if you are worried the chicken is going to be dry there is a sauce.

As mentioned earlier, all the chicken comes with pickles and salad.
The pickles here stand out from the rest because they are coloured and not white which made them pretty.
I asked them whether the colour was artificial and they said they put beetroot in the jar to give it that colour.
The pickles tasted great because they were sour and not sweet like some other places.
Soy garlic fried chicken:

There was half a chicken here so the portion was big!!

The chicken was tender with a crispy coating drenched in sticky sweet soy garlic sauce.
steamed dumplings:

When they came I thought they looked like Shanghai style dumplings, inside they were filled with chives and Korean glass noodles.

To conclude they tasted like chive dumplings filled with generous chopped veggies.
Basil and pesto cream fried chicken:

As I am not familiar with Korean fried chicken I had to ask what this was because I was puzzled how they put cream in the batter mix.
It turns out that the fried chicken is served with a pot of basil and pesto cream sauce for dipping like a fondue.
I chose the boneless chicken for this which was ideal because you just dip them in.
The sauce had a lovely strong basil taste but I found it too creamy.
It would be great if they came up with a cheese fondue sauce for dipping because I love cheese!
Cheese and ham toasts:

These rolls were crispy filled with ham, chopped jalapeno and cheese in the middle.
They were simply delicious and addictive.
Fruit punch:

This was a lovely cocktail of fruits with a refreshing tone.

My friend ordered this and it just looked fun!
I will definitely come back again when I have a craving for fried chicken because I don't need to travel to Kowloon or beyond Central on the Hong Kong side.
Chibee Chicken and Beer (Causeway Bay)
7/F, Circle Plaza, 499 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
2838 5777

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