Thursday, May 14, 2015

Luxurious ice lollies [ISEE iSEE Handcrafted Icy Desserts]

Icelollies and softserves are not a necessity but when they are really delicious they become a necessity to me.
They started becoming a necessity when Lola's icepops came around because they tasted natrual but unfortunately they do not have fixed shops.

It just so happens that ISEE ISEE and Icelicious have just opened serving these handcrafted icelollies so I had to try both.
ISEE ISEE is more expensive but they also served icy desserts like Icelicious.
It is nice how the menu is made up of huge wooden lollisticks.

When I got there, the flavour I wanted to try was sold out so I had to get the Cheesy Raspberry which is served in a cup!

The icelolly tasted quite milky but the cheesy taste was not that heavy and the raspberry part is the bit in the middle so you can't really taste it until you get to that part.

To be honest, I think the Earl Grey is probably one of the best flavours but it was sold out.

I will probably come again when they have another flavour that attracts me.

Chapman To was here???


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