Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Troisieme La Creperie dans L'Hong kong

I was excited when this third branch opened after two successful branches in Hong Kong.
Apart from Hong Kong, they also have branches in Shanghai!
Since my last visit, there are other dishes as well as crepes.
The restaurant was laid out with wooden tables and chairs, lighthouse salt and pepper shakers just like the other branches.

It was like walking into a restaurant by the seaside.
As they have just opened, there were not many people and gradually the restaurant got busy into the evening.
There is a lot of promotion on French food this month because of the LeGourMay so I was able to try some special galettes.

I had the duck confit galette and a sweet crepes.
La cannette:

This was a savory galette with duck confit, emmenthal cheese, bell peppers fondue and its piment d'espelette jelly.
The galette was crispy and chewy with evenly sized holes on the surface. The confit was delicious with a hint of sweetness from the bell peppers and there was a hint of spiciness from the chili jelly.
Duck in French is Canard which is why this is called a cannette as it is a galette.
Jus de Citron

I know there were lots of fancy crepes on the menu but I just wanted something simple so I chose this which just had lemon, butter and sugar.
The crepe was chewy and the lemon juice made me hungry again.
I loved the strong lemon juice taste.
Strawberry fizz:

To finish off I had the strawberry fizz which was fruity and cooling.

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