Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Possibly a musubi burger? Not A Burger

This place has a catchy name because it is called NOT A BURGER so it gets you curious on what it is going to look like.

Walked past and discovered that they use rice as the burger with fillings that are not patties.There were so many choices to choose from.

On the wall, there is a poster of rice vs bread but I don't quite agree with the blood glucose argument because rice has a high glycemic index and the rice that they serve here is pearl rice.

It was the perfect treat for me because I love rice and the rice had bits of seaweed mixed into it.
I chose the ham rice burger because I like luncheon meat (spam) but I requested it without kimchi because I am allergic to that.

The staff could have been more helpful because there was a folded stool and they didn't really give me any indication I could use it but I assumed it was for customers.
Anyway, I tried to unfold it but had difficulty figuring out how to unfold it and they were not really helpful or even offered to help but in the end I figured it out.
Ham rice burger:
When it came, it was wrapped in a cute foil wrap.
After I asked for cutlery they gave me a plate which was helpful.The burger looked like two plain musubis with luncheon meat and tuna mayo in the middle.The spam slice was rather thin and the the tuna mayo had delicious cubes of radish in it which balanced the mayonnaise with a sharp crunch.

The warm rice and fried spam was just delicious together.
The tuna mayo was nice but I would have liked a simpler option of just rice and a thick slice of spam!

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