Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Queen of the East for vegetarian dishes

This restaurant used to be in ShauKeiWan on the East side of Hong Kong so it was too far for me but now have moved to Causeway Bay which is good news for people in the city.

The restaurant is peaceful and relaxing.
Here was what I had and it was impressive they had a good variety of nutritious fungi in the dishes and not boring mushrooms such as shiitake.
Sauteed Chinese yam, okra and fungus in black truffle:

I loved this dish because it had my favourite okra and Chinese yam as well as prized fungus which had a light and viscous texture tossed in a fragrant truffle sauce.
Deep fried taro paste wrapped in seaweed and beancurd skin:

They tasted great without the sweet and sour sauce and personally I would have liked a spicy or savory sauce for dipping.
Interestingly, they tasted like oysters with a coconut aftertaste.

Black tiger paw dish:

This was similar to the truffle dish above but it had tasty black tiger paw fungus which was earthy and meaty in taste tossed with spicy chilis that made this dish spicy.
Fried rice with ginger and vegetables:

The fried rice was good because the finely diced courgettes and carrots gave it sweetness and the preserved vegetables added a salty kick but the ginger could not be tasted.
Vegetarian mock sharks fin dumplings:

The dumplings had a light thin skin with juicy diced vegetables inside.
Osmanthus pudding:

The pudding was really sweet loaded with wolfberries and longnan berries.
Almond soup:

The almond soup was slightly bitter with lots of lotus seeds and white fungus in the soup.
Queen of the East:
25/F Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay

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