Sunday, May 10, 2015

Delish all you can eat seafood [Bella Vita]

Tried the Bella Vita Sunday Brunch on the first day it was launched.
Basically it is all you can eat for $498 including Prosecco, white and red wine, juice.
I liked the grapefruit drink because they mixed it with some carbonated water which gave it a nice fizz and they had tea as well.

There is a buffet table for the antipasti which had:
Assorted Italian cold cuts, Parma ham with melon

Smoked salmon

Burrata cheese and tomato, Deep fried calamari

Selection of cheese

Pan seared foie gras

The seafood is all you can eat and they will serve a seafood platter and oyster platters which you can order again when you want some more.

For pastas, these are cooked to order.
Basically you select a pasta from a choice of Linguine, capellini, penne and spaghetti and choose a sauce from a choice of Arriabiata, vongole, carbonara and bolognese.
The sauces I recommend are bolognese and Arriabiata and for pastas I like linguini and capellini.

The portions of these are quite small which is good because you can try more pastas.

For the mains, there are steaks, lamb and seafood to choose from.
We chose the Florentine steak which can be ordered for an extra $80 per person (minimum of four people because the steak is quite big).
The Florentine steak is a T-bone steak with tenderloin and strip steak on the other side.

The mustard variety was good too because they had fruity mustards!

To finish off, there were a nice choice of desserts such as chocolate pudding and mixed berry mousse.

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