Monday, May 25, 2015

Gimmick only and great for IG likes

Initally I was going to dine here for the sweet purple potato dumplings but it was too hot and I don't like the dumplings made of translucent dumpling skins because it is too greasy.

There were other desserts which were presented in the form a meal such as the ramen, waffle and egg, fried chicken and beer.

Didn't choose the ramen because I don't like chestnut and didn't choose the waffle because I don't like mango.

So in the end I had the fried chicken and beer with some cumin chicken wings.
Chicken wings with cumin:

I wished I had checked the reviews before because they were dry and tasteless as mentioned in the previous review.
The chicken was probably frozen chicken because it was not springy.
Fried chicken with beer:

There were crispy puff slices (fries), jam (ketchup), and fried chicken (made of melted marshmallows with crispies mixed into it coated with cornflakes).
The crispies in the fried chicken weren't that crispy and it was quite sweet with a hint of lemon flavouring.

Chicken bone (biscuit)

The beer which was made of apple jelly was too sweet and tasted like Apple chews and apple flavoured hubba bubba with a sweet meringue top!
It looks exactly the same as the BEER JELLY at Prince bakery which tastes better because it tastes of beer!

The bill: $1xx
cheers dessert

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