Friday, May 15, 2015

MeokBang in Kowloon City

Times have changed, Kowloon City is no longer a town for farewells and gatherings because the airport has moved to Lantau.
Kowloon city used to be famous for Thai and Chiu chow cuisine but there is more variety of cuisines and dessert shops now.
Now there is Korean food too! A big Korean chain that has so many branches with new branches in Wan Chai and Kowloon city.

Went to Meokbang again because they had new dishes and desserts..

Tried the Kimchi and Beef fried rice which is rice surrounded by raw beaten egg and cheese!!!
The rice is mixed with the cheese and egg and gradually turns into fried rice because the plate is so hot.

I love the fried rice because each grain of rice is covered in egg and rice after it is mixed.
Every mouthful was delicious because it was cheesy and eggy with a fiery kick from the kimchi.

Grilled oysters were a treat because you can taste it in its most natrual form.
Grilled mackerel

The mackerel was silky and soft.
Marinated squid

The squid was springy with a strong spicy taste after it had been cooked.
For desserts, there are two new ones, the oreo snow ice and the oreo chocolate snow ice.

They come with sweetened condensed milk but I never use it because the dessert is sweet enough with the other items in the bowl.
The new chocolate snow ice was really nice because there were brownies, chocolate coated glico sticks and an oreo on top to garnish.
It was lovely how the cocoa powder flavoured the snow ice making it taste chocolatey without being too powdery.

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