Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cars and Italian food at Fiat Caffé

Kids will always be kids, they will rush over to cars and bright coloured objects.

I was with some relatives at the MiraMall when my little cousin ran to the fiat car at the Fiat Caffe.
We dined there because it was a car themed restaurant.

Fiat Caffe serves Italian food so here was what we had:
Minestrone soup:

The minestrone soup was a bit different because it was thick with strong vegetable flavours with a nice tart tomato taste.
Lobster bisque:

The lobster bisque was strong and rich.
Figs and ricotta cheese salad:

This was a light and sweet salad for summer.

Beneath the rocket leaves were creamy ricotta cheese which tasted delicious with the grassy rocket leaves and sweet figs.
Mushroom Ravioli with tomato sauce:

These were crescent shaped ravioli filled with earthy mushroom paste in the middle paired with tangy tomato sauce.
Lamb shank:

These were two big lamb shanks on top of buttery mash in rich gravy but the lamb could have been softer.
Kids meal:
For under 12s.

This was cute, the chicken nuggets and fries are served in a paper car and the portion is quite big as well because you get a pasta with it too.
It must have tasted nice because my cousin finished it within a flash.

Honey figs margarita:

It was ruby red garnished with a sprig of mint on top.
The drink was really refreshing and not syrupy followed by the lovely fizzyness of the carbonated water and bits of sweet blended fig.
Earl grey tea by The london tea company:

The earl grey tea had a strong bergamot taste which was fragrant but not artificial.

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