Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Yuan and Supersupergirl are here

I have never liked Taiwanese food in Hong Kong because it has been localized so when I saw a positive review from a Taiwanese expat I decided to go.
The shop was quite small and designed with décor which had a rustic countryside Taiwanese feel.

After waiting in a long queue, I finally got a table.
Mashed Tofu with preserved egg:

This was chilled and great on a hot day.
The tofu and preserved egg tasted delicious with the grassy spring onions and the preserved egg had an interesting aftertaste.
Shredded chicken with rice:

According to a TVB food show, pearl rice is authentic and the sauce should be very sweet in Taiwan.
Not really my cup of tea but it wasn't bad because I just don't like sweet dishes and pearl rice.
Personally I liked eating the tofu shown above together with the rice.
Herbs soup:

I really liked this soup because there was a strong taste of donggwai and tasty barley seeds but I didn't like the fatty intestines.
Yuan and Supersupergirl are here
YUAN Is Here

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