Saturday, May 16, 2015

Purple potato smoothie [Banh Mi Bakery]

I know this place specializes in Vietnamese fare but I was there for the sweet purple potato ice slush and the avocado ice slush.
There was only sweet potato ice slush available when I got there which was good because I couldn’t have decided between the avocado and the sweet potato anyway.
Apart from Vietnamese food, it was great that they had quiches as well.
The décor was really nice and relaxed with Western elements.
From the outside, it looks like a wild western cowboy restaurant because of the wooden background and white letterings.
Ordered the slush, mushroom quiche and a Vietnamese baguette so that I could compare it to other places.
The food took quite a while to come. Normally I am not bothered but there happened to be crying babies nearby which made want to leave ASAP!
Food is expensive and there is a 10% as well.
Vietnamese baguette:

Frankly this was over priced.
The pate was spread thinly on the baguette and the Vietnamese sausage slices were at most 3mm thick and the baguette was a bit burnt on the top.

The pickles were not pickled enough and I found them sweet.

Mushroom quiche:

The crust was too buttery but the filling was nice and cheesy with a few thin slices of mushrooms.
I don’t think the quiche is made by them but sourced from some suppliers.
sweet potato ice slush:

The ice slush was quite nice on a hot day with a nice sweet potato taste that is evidently made with sweet potato flavouring but at least it tasted natrual.

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