Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Afternoon tea at Sift

Sift is famous for cupcakes but now they have tea sets as well.
Discovered this after dining at Bocadito on the way to the MTR but it was not really noticeable so I had to stop and look twice because the place was dark.

The tea set I tried costs $160 per person or $300 for two.

Tea set menu:

The actual tea set:

Savory tier:

-Spinach quiche
-lorraine quiche
-Chicken and mushroom vol au vent
All the savory bites were nice and delicious, the spinach quiche was my favourite.
Second tier:

-Scones with jam and clotted cream
The gougere was a light savoury cheesy puff.
After I had the puff, I devoured the crumbly scones paired with delicious clotted cream.
Third tier:
Red velvet cupcakes
Triple chocolate cupcakes

Started on the cupcakes because they were too cute and they were moist and rich.
Salted butter and caramel macarons
Strawberry macarons

Then I had the salted butter macaron which was sweet with a nice salty balance.

Chocolate hazelnut crunch

The last two were a perfect end to tea.

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