Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chinese and vegetarian delights at Leisurely Veggie

Went here for dinner and tried the dinner set which costs $218 per person.

There was a good choice of Western and Chinese dishes on the menu.
As there were three of us we ordered two sets of the one person dinner and some extra items.

The restaurant was doing a photoshoot so we got to try some of their latest drinks which included a refreshing mango and pineapple juice drink and a mint drink which had strong fresh mint taste.

We ordered two set dinners and here was what we had:
Bean curd with toona sinensis

The tofu was soft and tasty.
Quinoa and luffa in sesame sauce

The salad had a nice crunch with a sweet sesame sauce dressing.
cold burdock with mung bean sheet

This was my favourite because the mung bean sheets were lightly infused with a sesame flavouring.
Hand rolls:
Asparagus and alfalfa sprouts

The asparagus roll was really nice with nutty tasting alfalfa and Kewpie mayonnaise which makes everything delicious.
Avocado and mango alfalfa sprouts

For people who like sweeter things, this one is a good choice.
Creamy truffle oil thick soup

The soup was thick and creamy with a strong mushroom umami aftertaste.
Double boiled matsutake, lily and lotus seed soup

I liked the Chinese soup more because it was light and nourishing.
Main course:
Stir fried truffle and egg with celtuce, served with pearl rice

The truffle flavour was a little overpowering and I think it would taste nice without the truffle and you can see the egg white is beautifully scrambled to the point that it looks like crabmeat.
Risotto with asparagus and sundried tomato

The risotto was good but the sauce was a lttle sweet for my liking.
black sesame pudding

Didn't try this because I am not keen on black sesame.
matcha cheese cake:

The pairing of cheesecake and matcha was surprisingly good because the matcha flavouring made the cheesecake not so rich.
Other stuff we tried:
Portobello mushroom stuffed with black truffle mashed potato:

This was a juicy portobello mushroom stuffed with mash but the mash was a bit too watery for my liking.
Matcha cantonese sponge with icecream:

I was so glad I ordered this because the soft steamed buns were delicious with icecream.
The desserts here are really creative because they also have matcha waterchestnut pudding which I am going to try next time and the fried rice with pinenuts and seaweed.

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