Sunday, May 17, 2015

Creative dishes at Fu Wah Cafe

I was on my way to visit the arts exhibition nearby so got the ferry from North point which landed me here.
There were not many eateries at Grand Waterfront Plaza.
I was supposed to dine at another place but the restaurant seemed weird so I walked out and then there was Tai Hing which is all over Hong Kong so I went here.

Initially I was going to order the noodles in ginger broth but it was sold out.

The female staff annoyed me as well which is why this place gets an OK and not a because she couldn't hear me so she was giving me the looks.
Anyway, I ended up having the braised e-fu noodles in red beancurd sauce with vegetables (213南乳粗mun齊伊麵)because I liked the creative combination.

When it came, I couldn't smell any red beancurd and the colour didn't have any hues of red or burgandy.

Good red beancurd is meant to have a lovely aroma.

As for the taste, it was really nice because each strand of noodle was flavoured by red beancurd but I would have liked it the noodle wasn't so soft.

On the next visit, I hope to try 738 fried red beancurd chicken.

I was also impressed by the XO noodles because you can choose different noodles such as flat noodles, udon, egg noodles or vermicelli to go with a choice of chicken, duck, beef, char siu and even prawns!

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