Sunday, May 24, 2015

Creative light and healthy toasts at Café O

Every time I walked past I was tempted by these toasts:
apple butter, cheddar and turkey
green peas and mint on salted yoghurt
prawn and salsa verde sweetcorn puree
pear and cinnamon nutella

That day I was still hungry after lunch so went in to try them.
Before I ordered I asked if they were big and they said they were quite small so I decided to order two different ones.

I was shocked when they arrived because there were two of each.
Café O's photo in Sheung Wan
The waitress reassured me that it was right there were two pieces per portion so I guess I shouldn't complain.
According to the menu, it is $48/pc so my order should look like this!

Green peas and mint on salted yoghurt

It was cream cheese and not sour yoghurt but it was still good with thick starchy peas on top.
Prawns and sweetcorn:

The prawns were nice and springy but the sweetcorn was too artificially sweet.
Cafe O:
284 Queen's Road
Sheung Wan

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