Friday, May 15, 2015

The menu at Jollibee has changed

Went here in the evening because there were less people.
[I liked the way the staff was siting behind the wall so the manager couldn't see her skive!!]

To my dismay, there were quite a few items that were gone such as the bangus with rice, palabok noodles and the noodle soup.

The menu was pretty basic and just had fried chicken, spaghetti, hotdogs and the pie.
In the end I got the chicken, creamy macaroni, mango peach pie and hot chocolate.

chicken joy:

The chicken was very oily but at least it wasn’t shriveled up.
I was given lots of napkins so I was able to blot of the excess oils.
As for the chicken it was a bit too dry but there was gravy which was a bit too salty.

creamy macaroni:

The creamy macaroni was really nice, it was ribbed macaroni in thick soup that tasted like instant chicken soup but the soup was a little salty though.
mango peach pie:

I got this for fun and the size of the pie was just bigger than a sachet of sugar shown on the picture.

A guilt free snack because of its size but the price of it is the same as McDonalds!!
It was quite sweet with soft chunks of mango and peach.

hot chocolate:

I tried the chocolate before the pie and it was really sweet, after having the pie, the drink was no longer sweet.
The chocolate was quite nice because I did not stir it so it tasted watery with a chocolatey taste but after I mixed it, I didn’t like it because it tasted powdery.

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