Monday, May 25, 2015

Strawberry puff (Pie chow!)

It was so sweet of Monchichitasting to get me this because we were going somewhere and I hadn't had lunch yet.
She gave me a choice of original or strawberry.
Normally I would not choose strawberry because strawberry flavours are always artificial.
Anyway, I decided to choose the strawberry and it turned out delicious!!

The strawberry was natrual and it tastes like a mix of strawberry and yoghurt and the puff was light and crispy.

I was so glad she got me this because I didn't know beard papa puffs taste that good and from their FB, they had some really creative flavours before such as coconut, sweet potato and the chewy white puff.
At Beard papa, the puffs are called PIE CHOW which is quite amusing.

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