Friday, May 29, 2015

A non ramen surprise at Fujiyama 55

A good bowl of ramen in my opinion is a good broth with good ramen.

The broth here is worth trying because it is made of fish and sakura shrimps.

Normally I don’t choose tsukenmen (noodles dipped in broth) but here you can add $20 and they use that broth to put rice and cheese in it to make risotto after you have finished the noodles.

Depending on how much broth that is left over after you finish, the result is different ranging from risotto to soupy rice.

My tsukemen came with a lovely strong sakura shrimp broth.

I quickly finished it because I was more interested in the rice and cheese.
When your ready, they will add rice and cheese and cook it until the cheese has melted and then garnish it with a spoon of parmesan cheese.

As expected, I really liked it because the broth was strong and made the rice delicious, the cheese was nice and stringy but lacks a cheese taste so locals will probably like this dish.

Although the menu is pictorial simple, I found the tick sheet more comprehendible.

You choose broth noodles or tsukemen.

I didn’t try the beef offal ramen but it was quite Chinese with pieces of beef tripe and other goodies.

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